Bump Update: 21 Weeks and It’s a….

Hellooooo, 21st week of pregnancy! Today, baby C is the size of a baby bok choy (yummy baby!), and we can now share the gender! We had our 21 week anatomy scan today, and the baby looks perfect and mom even got kudos for maintaining “excellent habits” during pregnancy. Hooray!


If you’re impatient you can scroll down, but first I thought it would be fun to look at old wive’s tales and see if there was any truth to them…

Carrying high or low? High, Girl

Chinese Gender Calendar: Predicted Boy

Heartbeat above 140 bpm: Girl

Cravings: Salty, Boy

Skin: Breaking out, Girl

1st Trimester Morning Sickness? None, so Boy

Mother’s intuition: Girl

So, what is Baby C?


We’re over the moon! I actually had such an unbelievably strong intuition it was a girl that when a friend dropped off some hand-me-downs and a cute little onesie that said “Mama’s little boy”, I said “Oh, too bad we won’t need that ‘cuz she’s a girl…” and sure enough, we found out she was a girl the next week! My sister was sure I was having a girl, Matt suspected it as well, but it was my mom who swore we were having a boy. We shared gender with our parents while we were in NYC for my 30th birthday, and we did the cupcake reveal with pink filling inside. (And YES, we have video of my mom and her reaction… haha. I just have to hunt it down!)

We do have a name picked out, but are choosing to keep that one close to the vest for awhile. So there you have it! The Curran family adds more girl power to the ranks 🙂 YAY!

Thanks as always for reading and for your excitement about our sweet little lady 🙂


Bun in the oven updates: Weeks 18, 19, and 20, all in one!

Whew! I’ve been busy, and then was out of town for a few days in Denver for Fitbloggin. I’m behind on my bumpdates, so here’s a combined one for weeks 18, 19, and 20 and I’ll be back later this week to reveal baby C’s gender!


How far along? 20 weeks and 3 days! I’m MORE THAN HALFWAY THERE! WooHOO!
Baby’s Size: A  belgian endive. I’m only familiar with a regular endive, and this veggie comparison is perplexing to me, because the baby is 10 inches, and all the endives I’ve seen are like four inches. I guess Belgian endive must be a larger variety?
Weight Gain: While I was up two, the last two weeks I’ve been particularly full after small amounts (baby is growing and pressing against tummy!), so I’m back to only one pound gained. Works for me! I really hope I can keep up this trend, though I know the next few weeks the baby itself will start to gain weight (it’s just under 1 pound now).
Maternity clothes? Indeed! I love my striped dress I wore in last week’s photo, and I’ve been doing a lot more loose knit dresses and leggings. While a couple people at the conference this week said I don’t look pregnant, I can definitely feel and see a small bump forming. I should probably take a 20 week photo but that would require going outside in the current 102 degree heat… so it will have to wait until Thursday, when I’m 21 weeks!
Best moment this week:  While traveling hasn’t been especially easy on me (lots of nausea and tiredness, but in Denver in particular that could have been altitude sickness), I loved seeing all of my Fitbloggin friends. Of particular awesomeness was a delicious lunch sponsored by California Avocados. Mmmm, avocados. People were so kind and joyful about my pregnancy, and I really appreciated how excited people were for us. Makes me smile knowing Baby C comes into this world with a whole army of supporters behind them.
Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach! My snoogle is keeping me decently comfortable, but side-sleeping is not my jam. (Disclosure: That snoogle link is an affiliate link. If you click on it, I get rich! (Or make a penny. But you know, it’s all in your attitude, right?)
Movement: YES! I’ve been feeling “stuff” the past week, but wasn’t sure if it was rumbly intestine type stuff or the little acrobat. After some pretty definite “Whoa, I’ve never felt that before” I decided I’m definitely feeling kicks and jabs. Since I identified it, I feel like I feel it all the time now. Super cool, and helps me ward off free-floating concern about how the little one is doing in there. Matt is anxious to feel it but I think it will probably be another week or two until the little sprout can kick strong enough to get through that pillow-like anterior placenta and soft tummy so he can feel it.
Food cravings:  Week 18 brought an odd craving: saurkraut! I like saurkraut, so it’s not like it was a random new craving, but it was a bizarre thing to crave. I also wanted raw carrots, strawberries, and on the unhealthy side, plain potato chips. I did make Matt pick up some guacamole for me from Chipotle in Denver 🙂
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sadly, I had a bout of random barfing last Monday, followed by some nausea in Denver last weekend. I think it’s super weird that I’ve struggled more with nausea in my second trimester than my first, but that’s how the cookie crumbles for some people.
Gender:  We’ll have 100% confirmation on Thursday. Hooray!
Labor signs: None, and fully intending on keeping it this way.
Symptoms: Tiredness, some free-floating nausea, holy heartburn, more klutzy as my abdomen poofs up.
Happy or moody most of the time: I definitely cry more easily, like after being inspired by Keep It Up David’s story, or when someone told me I had a sweet and fresh face (I think that was more I was feeling so crummy and nauseous that day, that someone being so nice to me was just really appreciated.) I’m starting to have some anxiety about being a parent (as in holy wow huge life change!), but I know that’s totally normal and if I didn’t feel that way, it’d be concerning!
Looking forward to: our anatomy scan on Thursday, and a nice, long 3 day weekend!



Bun in the Oven Update: Week 17

Happy Friday! Here we are moving right along!


How far along? (Officially 18 weeks today but writing about week 17)
Baby’s Size: A pomegranate. Yummy.
Weight Gain: Plus two! While initially I felt nervous, I realize two pounds after 17 weeks aint no thang… and with it has come what appears to be a tiny bump! (If it still looks like I ate a large burrito, shush and keep that to yourself. I’m excited, okay?!)
Maternity clothes? Yes. This week in particular I haven’t wanted to wear anything restrictive. Elastic bands and sundresses are my friend. When you work from home, getting showered and dressed feels like an accomplishment…. now being a pregnant work from homer, getting showered and dressed feels like you deserve a gold medal.
Best moment this week: While it was super exhausting, our petroglyph tour in the Mojave desert was really incredible. I’ll try to write a post about it next week for you to see! I’m also still so grateful for how generous people have been about our upcoming bundle of joy. One of my cousins is mailing us some hand-me-downs and another cousin is mailing me some maternity clothes. It’s so nice!
Miss anything? Uninterrupted sleep. I had my first night of terrible insomnia in a hotel the night before I needed to be up at 5:30 a.m. for our tour. I finally fell asleep at 3 AM. I couldn’t get comfortable because the bed was hard, and my brain just wouldn’t shut off. It seems like this week my sleep has been dicey, with all the peeing and readjusting. I’m usually a stomach sleeper, so having to learn to sleep on my side is rough. It’s physically uncomfortable now to be on my stomach.
Movement: No, but I think I will soon. I definitely know something is there!
Food cravings: Tonight I pretty much told Matt if I didn’t get a particular kind of salsa from one of our favorite restaurants, there would be anarchy in the streets (Spoiler alert: I got it and it was glorious). That, and an ice cold coca-cola! I finally indulged today after that craving lasted for three days.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Much less than last week, thank goodness. Only two noticeable moments this week – one after a shower (seems to be a theme, with heat), and one while I was doing dishes and a whiff of old chili on a dish struck me.
Gender:  Still know and we’ll know if it’s a correct determination on July 2!
Labor signs: Nope. Let’s keep it that way. (Same.)
Symptoms: Still tired (where’s my second tri energy burst?), constant peeing, restless sleep, and not much else this week. Yay!
Happy or moody most of the time: I felt great this week. After kind of an off week last week, I’m feeling much more myself.
Looking forward to: Seeing our friend Jason graduate nursing school this weekend, binge-watching the rest of Orange is the New Black, and relaxing this weekend.

Bun in the Oven Update: Week 15

Howdy! I’m still on the fence about if I’m going to blog my pregnancy, because while part of me likes the idea of documenting it all, the other part of me goes “Eh, does anyone care?” We’ll see! (Pssst… if you do want to read about it, let me know. Remember, I always assume my dad and one person in Alaska reads my blog and that’s pretty much it… so if you’re out there, say hello!) I do have a pregnancy journal I’m using to document week by week, when I remember. (AND, it forces me to put a pen to paper. Handwriting… a miraculous thing!)

But, I figured I’d share today in case anybody is interested.


How far along? 15 weeks, 6 days – 16 weeks tomorrow! Now that I’m “out” time is going much faster, thank goodness. Those first few weeks in hiding were agony.
Baby’s Size: A delicious California Avocado
Weight Gain: Zero. Woohoo! (Disclaimer: my OB is totally fine with this! Because of my pre-pregnancy weight, it’s not necessary for me to gain more than 15 pounds during this pregnancy.)
Maternity clothes? I just broke down and bought a bunch of shirts at Motherhood last weekend, and I have a pair of capris and jeans I got from Penney’s. While I still fit in all of my other clothes, I can feel things shifting. Despite not gaining any weight and not really looking like I’ve popped (in my opinion – maybe in the last picture I look like I ate a large burrito), I can feel my body changing, shape-wise.
Best moment this week: Our neighbor is so sweet and dropped off a TON of baby stuff for us to have. Her seven month old has outgrown his bassinet and vibrating chair and things like that, so she wanted us to have all of the stuff she’d donate to Goodwill anyways. That was super helpful! Now we just need to clean out our guest room closet so we can store the stuff. Oliver is currently enjoying sleeping on the changing pad that he thinks is his (boy, is he in for a surprise come November.)
Miss anything? I had a little twinge of lust when I was at Trader Joe’s and passed by the pineapple hard cider, and I do miss guzzling caffeine freely if I’m feeling sleepy (which is pretty much every day as a prego!).
Movement: Nope.
Food cravings: I reaaaaally wanted a pretzel when I walked by Wetzel’s in the mall, but I refrained. I’ve been craving sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper, beef (yay, meat!), and my fruit kick continues with cravings for cherries and nectarines. Last week I was all about potato chips and had a few servings over the week, but now I’m over it.
Anything making you queasy or sick: You know how I bragged about not having morning sickness when I made my announcement? Well, I jinxed myself, because week 14 was nausea city. Thank goodness my barfing episode from last week is over. It was the first time I barfed during my pregnancy, and it was on my 30th birthday on the airplane going to NYC (And I actually barfed three times in the nasty plane bathroom. Gross.). I ended up getting a prego-safe prescription for nausea that week, because I was not enjoying being super queasy as I ran around NYC. I’ve had a few small episodes of nausea this week but am feeling much much better. I still have zero interest in eating chicken.
Gender: We know, and close family and friends know 🙂 I’ll be sharing once we get final confirmation after 20 weeks, just in case early predictions were wrong!
Labor signs: Nope. Let’s keep it that way.
Symptoms: Still more tired than I’d like, some lower back soreness, and still having to make a few bathroom trips in the middle of the night.
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy but I find myself more sensitive than usual. I may have cried this weekend after I tried to make pancakes and screwed up the water/mix ratio, and then dropped a glass in the kitchen that shattered, and then somebody made a rude pregnancy comment. Cue the tears. Whatevz. It’s all part of the journey and I’m trying to remind myself that moments like that are somewhat inevitable during pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Attending Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend in Temecula, and heading up to the Mojave Desert next weekend for a petroglyph tour!