Alyssa’s 5 Pregnancy Must-Haves

Hello everyone! I am writing with cautious optimism that I have not been sick to my stomach since Sunday. Woohoo! I wanted to share some of my favorite items for pregnancy, now that I’m in my third trimester. Several of these products have affiliate links, and I did receive the Secrets of the Mommyhood book free in exchange for review (if I liked it ,which spoiler alert: I did!).

1) The Snoogle.

I have discussed this pillow before, and while initially I found it cumbersome and massive, now that I’ve got a small watermelon on my stomach, I would be sleeping even worse without it. You really need leg support at night when you’re knocked up, and this helps keep my head and neck rested while also sometimes putting pressure on my lower back, which has been helpful. It’s not cheap at around $59 but worth it for the very long 9 months that you’re pregnant.

2) Preggie Pop Drops

These are yummy, discreet, and a mild way to tame mild nausea or queasies when you’re prego. In the early weeks of pregnancy when I was still undercover, it was convenient to pop one of these in my mouth as if it were a cough drop, to help ward off any wayward hurling. They taste like sour jolly ranchers and are packed with essential oils and B Vitamins. I know some people also use a brand called Queasy Pops, which are a big hit among people who have motion sickness. They’re inexpensive and yummy and definitely a must have.

3) Sprite, Smart Water, Gatorade

Just like ginger ale has long been used to soothe the tummy, I rely on Sprite when I’m feeling gross to pep me up. Yeah, yeah, it’s soda, so it’s not going to win you any awards in the health department, but when you can’t keep anything down, you need something, anything, to settle your stomach. So Sprite wins my award for saving the day! Anything with electrolytes is also great, like Smart Water (which I’m chugging now!), or Gatorade.

4) Secrets of the Mommyhood Book

The author of this book, Heather, emailed me after finding Lalalyssa on the web and offered me a review copy. First of all, always super cool to be contacted by a real live author (I wanna be one one day!), and second, so nice of her to send a copy to me! What I really liked about this book is in addition to being written in a “real” voice is that it covers pregnancy, post-partum, and the first little bit of baby’s life. So many other pregnancy books are just pregnancy, and that’s fine, but it was refreshing to read something that covered the additional parts of life after gestating. I also liked Heather’s personal anecdotes, like the story about the time she went hormonal on a random woman in a shopping mall (I feel ya, sistah). I also appreciate that she goes into some of the less rainbow-unicorn parts of pregnancy, like how at a certain point you will want to wear granny panties, and you need to just embrace it. That’s something none of my other books have covered — and guess what, it’s true!

There’s also a good section on baby gear, which was timed perfectly as I start to fill in our baby registry. For just $10 on amazon, I think this book is a great buy and a simple, quick read that will make you smile with its candid voice. Check it out!

5) Belevation Belly Band

My mom totally cackled when I lifted up my shirt to show her my bump and she saw me rockin’ nude Spanx style hosiery, but these have a LEGIT purpose! This band lifts up the belly a little bit and provides some support to the aching lower back, rounds out your bump, smoothes the tummy for under clothes, and can keep non-maternity pants unbuttoned but secure on your body. This thing was well worth the $20 price tag and makes wearing dresses and jeans waaaaay more comfortable. I recommend it heartily!

Alright, pregos, what else am I missing? Fill a girl in!

Week 26 bump date!

26 weeks!

26 weeks!

How far along? I’ve been slackin’ on my updates due to feeling crummy, and am now officially 26 weeks even. What?! When did that happen?!
Baby’s Size: An eggplant
Weight Gain: 0. I’ve lost the weight I’ve put on due to some major nausea and vomiting. Bah. More about that in a bit. Still no cause for concern given that I’m making sure to keep eating enough for baby, and I started the pregnancy overweight. (Don’t worry: OB is monitoring me well and making sure the baby is growing on track. Lots of overweight women lose weight during pregnancy.) Who’da thunk my weight during pregnancy would be a non-issue?! (Knock wood)
Maternity clothes? Heck yes. Leggings FTW.
Best moment this week:  Got to celebrate a friend’s baby shower and a wedding! Lots of exciting life changes. ALSO! I do not have gestational diabetes! Woohoo.
Miss anything?

  • Sleeping on my tummy, forever and always. Once the bump goes down post-baby, I feel like I’ll mark the first time sleeping on my stomach with champagne. We went to the beach last weekend and I legit dug a hole in the sand to lay my belly in. It was genius.

-Not feeling barfy.

Movement: Heck yes! Baby girl as her prime time hour from 7 pm to 9 pm, and lately, she’s been into early mornings as well. I love feeling her kick.
Food cravings:  Fruit (particularly strawberries and grapes), anything not super scented or strong.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Unfortunately yes. The past few weeks have been ripe with sickness. I don’t know why and it’s an on-going discussion with my doctor. It’s usually first thing in the morning after I wake up but this weekend I had a really hard bout after going to the grocery store. It’s been consistently in the mid 90s here, and I think maybe I was overheated, because I ran into the bathroom, threw up, and then laid on the cold tile of the floor as I broke into a sweat. My sweet husband brought me a glass of water and a wet towel for my head. That guy is seriously amazing. It’s kind of an every day thing now…
Gender:  Girl!
Labor signs: None. Please stay that way.
Symptoms: N&V (naus and vom), lower back aches, heartburn, insomnia, super tired, less appetite thanks to the nausea and vom.
Happy or moody most of the time: I’ve admittedly been not my usual sunny self as I’m just not feeling good. I know that this too shall pass, which helps, and I find some relief with ice cold water and things like that. Please send happy thoughts that this weird patch goes away. I’ll be in my third trimester in just one week (two weeks if you go by the What to Expect app) (WHAT?!) and I’m actually really excited to be there. I’ve talked to a few women who’ve had difficult second trimesters (and easy firsts) and they’ve told me they felt great in their third, so that gives me hope! Little miss is healthy and happy, and that’s great 🙂
Looking forward to: hopefully some relief in sickness, and hitting the third tri milestone!

Bump Update: Week 22 and 23

Goodness gracious! The time is just flying by. I got home from Denver and pretty much had one weekend home before I was back in the sky again, flying up north to have a belated 30th birthday celebration with my bestie Katelyn. I also got to see my fam which was super fun 🙂


How far along? Reporting on week 22, but as of writing this I’m 23 weeks and 3 days.
Baby’s Size: A  papaya. nom nom.
Weight Gain: 2+. I’ll take it! At our 21 week appointment, the doctor told me I was doing a perfect job managing my weight. That’s music to this plus-mama’s ears because it is a challenge (as I type this I’m fighting the “Make chocolate chip cookies!” urge, but settled on some raspberries. Has my eating been perfect? Heck no. But has it been controlled? Yes.)
Maternity clothes? Yes. That and loose, cotton dresses are all I want to wear. A lot of my pre-prego pants are too snug, which is a weird sensation because they’re not snug from gaining weight but from gaining…volume? Or rather, since my belly shape is changing they just don’t work anymore. I just ordered a bunch of cute maternity stuff from Penney’s, so fingers crossed it all fits.
Best moment this week:  Matt got to feel the baby kick! It was 10 p.m. one night and me and the bump were reading before bed. I saw my stomach wiggle out of the corner of my eye (cool but yes, kind of weird), I yelled for him to get in there, and he felt the little nugget wiggle when she did a giant barrel roll. It was so cool to get to see him “feel” her. I’m going to be a big pile of mush seeing those two together.
Miss anything? Oh man. Sleeping on my stomach and uninterrupted sleep, in general. The last two weeks have marked the start of ‘pregsomnia’, and between my frequent night time pee breaks and being uncomfortable, I’m spending some time on the couch in the wee hours of the night so as not to disturb my peacefully slumbering hubby.  I really think the crummy sleep must be nature’s way of preparing you for a baby. I’m so grateful I work from home because I’ve been doing a lot of lunch hour naps.

We also made a big change this weekend to our bed. Those who have come over have seen our ridiculously tall Cal King bed. We ordered a bed frame with built in shelves and stupidly didn’t take measurements, and because we got a bangin’ deal on the set it was all sales are final… which means with our pillowtop mattress, the bed towered into the sky. I have a little stool I use to climb up into it (and I’m frickin 5’9, which shows you how tall it is). I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage such a tall bed too far along into the pregnancy, and this weekend I officially put the kibosh on the tall bed. We’ve moved our spare queen bed onto the frame, which is MUCH better because I don’t have to hoist myself in and out of it like a turtle on its back, and it’s safer. Now we just have to figure out what to do with the King mattress, as getting a new frame and such for the guest room seems kind of silly when in a few months the bed will be relocated to the garage anyways. Ah, adulthood and its perpetual series of small annoying decisions. In this way I guess nesting has started as we prepare our tiny bungalow for baby.
Movement: Definitely. I feel her most when I’m lying in bed when I wake up in the morning and then at night. It’s fun and a cool little reminder that she’s hangin’ out with me all day (As if she has a choice).
Food cravings:  Mexican food, raspberries (again), tomato slices, and Twix.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sigh. Yes. I totally jinxed my self when I first announced my pregnancy by being like “I’m not sick at all!”, because 2nd trimester has just been my time of sickness. It’s not severe by any means, but I had to cancel a lunch date I was really looking forward to because I was barfing, and the queasies come and go every few days. I always ask my OB and I just get a compassionate smile and a “Some women just go through it.”
Gender:  Girl!
Labor signs: None. Please stay that way.
Symptoms: Tired, occasional queasies, pregsomnia, and SORE HIPS. Good lawd. For being told so many times I have “child-birthing hips”, you’d think they wouldn’t ache like they’re being stitched together. Sadly this is just part of the pressure of sleeping on your side, and my pelvis expanding to prepare for the kiddo. Hopefully it doesn’t last much longer.
Happy or moody most of the time: Heh. Let’s just say mood swings are a real thing, mmmk? My anxiety has been up this week as at my last appointment we went over risks for gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, and because I’m heavy and have PCOS, I’m at a higher risk. I pretty much spent the rest of the day convinced I’ve doomed my baby because of my size, which I know is not true, but I’m just a *tad* more sensitive these days. I take another glucose test in a few weeks and while my doctor feels like it’s unlikely given my very controlled weight gain and excellent numbers the first time they checked my glucose at 8 weeks, you just never know. I have to accept, especially as I’m becoming a mom, that there are some things in life I just cannot control, and I have to be positive and continue to make positive efforts to affect the things I can impact. Easier said than done!
Looking forward to: the next few weeks will continue to be busy, but are full of exciting things like a Rasputina concert, my friend’s baby shower, another friend’s wedding, and then a work trip to Michigan for the 3-Day.

That’s it! Still with me? Sorry for the length on this post but I felt like I had lots I wanted to tell y’all. Thanks for hanging in there and checking up on us, and I hope you’re doing fantastic!

Bump Update: 21 Weeks and It’s a….

Hellooooo, 21st week of pregnancy! Today, baby C is the size of a baby bok choy (yummy baby!), and we can now share the gender! We had our 21 week anatomy scan today, and the baby looks perfect and mom even got kudos for maintaining “excellent habits” during pregnancy. Hooray!


If you’re impatient you can scroll down, but first I thought it would be fun to look at old wive’s tales and see if there was any truth to them…

Carrying high or low? High, Girl

Chinese Gender Calendar: Predicted Boy

Heartbeat above 140 bpm: Girl

Cravings: Salty, Boy

Skin: Breaking out, Girl

1st Trimester Morning Sickness? None, so Boy

Mother’s intuition: Girl

So, what is Baby C?


We’re over the moon! I actually had such an unbelievably strong intuition it was a girl that when a friend dropped off some hand-me-downs and a cute little onesie that said “Mama’s little boy”, I said “Oh, too bad we won’t need that ‘cuz she’s a girl…” and sure enough, we found out she was a girl the next week! My sister was sure I was having a girl, Matt suspected it as well, but it was my mom who swore we were having a boy. We shared gender with our parents while we were in NYC for my 30th birthday, and we did the cupcake reveal with pink filling inside. (And YES, we have video of my mom and her reaction… haha. I just have to hunt it down!)

We do have a name picked out, but are choosing to keep that one close to the vest for awhile. So there you have it! The Curran family adds more girl power to the ranks 🙂 YAY!

Thanks as always for reading and for your excitement about our sweet little lady 🙂


Bun in the Oven Update: Week 17

Happy Friday! Here we are moving right along!


How far along? (Officially 18 weeks today but writing about week 17)
Baby’s Size: A pomegranate. Yummy.
Weight Gain: Plus two! While initially I felt nervous, I realize two pounds after 17 weeks aint no thang… and with it has come what appears to be a tiny bump! (If it still looks like I ate a large burrito, shush and keep that to yourself. I’m excited, okay?!)
Maternity clothes? Yes. This week in particular I haven’t wanted to wear anything restrictive. Elastic bands and sundresses are my friend. When you work from home, getting showered and dressed feels like an accomplishment…. now being a pregnant work from homer, getting showered and dressed feels like you deserve a gold medal.
Best moment this week: While it was super exhausting, our petroglyph tour in the Mojave desert was really incredible. I’ll try to write a post about it next week for you to see! I’m also still so grateful for how generous people have been about our upcoming bundle of joy. One of my cousins is mailing us some hand-me-downs and another cousin is mailing me some maternity clothes. It’s so nice!
Miss anything? Uninterrupted sleep. I had my first night of terrible insomnia in a hotel the night before I needed to be up at 5:30 a.m. for our tour. I finally fell asleep at 3 AM. I couldn’t get comfortable because the bed was hard, and my brain just wouldn’t shut off. It seems like this week my sleep has been dicey, with all the peeing and readjusting. I’m usually a stomach sleeper, so having to learn to sleep on my side is rough. It’s physically uncomfortable now to be on my stomach.
Movement: No, but I think I will soon. I definitely know something is there!
Food cravings: Tonight I pretty much told Matt if I didn’t get a particular kind of salsa from one of our favorite restaurants, there would be anarchy in the streets (Spoiler alert: I got it and it was glorious). That, and an ice cold coca-cola! I finally indulged today after that craving lasted for three days.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Much less than last week, thank goodness. Only two noticeable moments this week – one after a shower (seems to be a theme, with heat), and one while I was doing dishes and a whiff of old chili on a dish struck me.
Gender:  Still know and we’ll know if it’s a correct determination on July 2!
Labor signs: Nope. Let’s keep it that way. (Same.)
Symptoms: Still tired (where’s my second tri energy burst?), constant peeing, restless sleep, and not much else this week. Yay!
Happy or moody most of the time: I felt great this week. After kind of an off week last week, I’m feeling much more myself.
Looking forward to: Seeing our friend Jason graduate nursing school this weekend, binge-watching the rest of Orange is the New Black, and relaxing this weekend.

Bun in the Oven Update: Week 15

Howdy! I’m still on the fence about if I’m going to blog my pregnancy, because while part of me likes the idea of documenting it all, the other part of me goes “Eh, does anyone care?” We’ll see! (Pssst… if you do want to read about it, let me know. Remember, I always assume my dad and one person in Alaska reads my blog and that’s pretty much it… so if you’re out there, say hello!) I do have a pregnancy journal I’m using to document week by week, when I remember. (AND, it forces me to put a pen to paper. Handwriting… a miraculous thing!)

But, I figured I’d share today in case anybody is interested.


How far along? 15 weeks, 6 days – 16 weeks tomorrow! Now that I’m “out” time is going much faster, thank goodness. Those first few weeks in hiding were agony.
Baby’s Size: A delicious California Avocado
Weight Gain: Zero. Woohoo! (Disclaimer: my OB is totally fine with this! Because of my pre-pregnancy weight, it’s not necessary for me to gain more than 15 pounds during this pregnancy.)
Maternity clothes? I just broke down and bought a bunch of shirts at Motherhood last weekend, and I have a pair of capris and jeans I got from Penney’s. While I still fit in all of my other clothes, I can feel things shifting. Despite not gaining any weight and not really looking like I’ve popped (in my opinion – maybe in the last picture I look like I ate a large burrito), I can feel my body changing, shape-wise.
Best moment this week: Our neighbor is so sweet and dropped off a TON of baby stuff for us to have. Her seven month old has outgrown his bassinet and vibrating chair and things like that, so she wanted us to have all of the stuff she’d donate to Goodwill anyways. That was super helpful! Now we just need to clean out our guest room closet so we can store the stuff. Oliver is currently enjoying sleeping on the changing pad that he thinks is his (boy, is he in for a surprise come November.)
Miss anything? I had a little twinge of lust when I was at Trader Joe’s and passed by the pineapple hard cider, and I do miss guzzling caffeine freely if I’m feeling sleepy (which is pretty much every day as a prego!).
Movement: Nope.
Food cravings: I reaaaaally wanted a pretzel when I walked by Wetzel’s in the mall, but I refrained. I’ve been craving sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper, beef (yay, meat!), and my fruit kick continues with cravings for cherries and nectarines. Last week I was all about potato chips and had a few servings over the week, but now I’m over it.
Anything making you queasy or sick: You know how I bragged about not having morning sickness when I made my announcement? Well, I jinxed myself, because week 14 was nausea city. Thank goodness my barfing episode from last week is over. It was the first time I barfed during my pregnancy, and it was on my 30th birthday on the airplane going to NYC (And I actually barfed three times in the nasty plane bathroom. Gross.). I ended up getting a prego-safe prescription for nausea that week, because I was not enjoying being super queasy as I ran around NYC. I’ve had a few small episodes of nausea this week but am feeling much much better. I still have zero interest in eating chicken.
Gender: We know, and close family and friends know 🙂 I’ll be sharing once we get final confirmation after 20 weeks, just in case early predictions were wrong!
Labor signs: Nope. Let’s keep it that way.
Symptoms: Still more tired than I’d like, some lower back soreness, and still having to make a few bathroom trips in the middle of the night.
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy but I find myself more sensitive than usual. I may have cried this weekend after I tried to make pancakes and screwed up the water/mix ratio, and then dropped a glass in the kitchen that shattered, and then somebody made a rude pregnancy comment. Cue the tears. Whatevz. It’s all part of the journey and I’m trying to remind myself that moments like that are somewhat inevitable during pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Attending Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend in Temecula, and heading up to the Mojave Desert next weekend for a petroglyph tour!